NOTE: Due to delays from the store and from GW themselves the January entries of HQs and Optional Troop have until February 25th to be turned in along with February's elite choice. There will be a contest held for both January and February's entries separately.

Also see unit types for certain months have changed.


Each month a Commander will be able to select a single unit from a list of pre-determined types to add to their list. This unit will be the one that is judged for the monthly painting contest. The unit must have at least the legal minimum number of models painted for it to be entered into the contest. Entries must be presented in-store by closing of the last Sunday of each month to qualify.

If you have a selected unit that was not finished FEAR NOT! 
All fully painted selections will be applicable for the "Parade Ground" end of year painting contest! This contest is to judge the best cohesive uniform army with as many fully painted units from the year's escalation. 


Painting will be judged on the following criteria in order of importance.

1. Army Uniformity (Do all units looks like they are from the same army)

2. Color Scheme (Min 3 Colors)

3. Painting Execution (How well the models are painted. Wargear Picked out. No loss of detail. Clean lines)

4. Conversions (models that have been re-cut and added onto to give dramatic appearance)

5. Basing (The bases are painted, textured, and uniform)

Each monthly Contest Winner will recieve a $50.00 Gift Certificate

Parade Gound Winner will recieve a $500.00 Gift certificate

***All entries must be purchased from Tactical Advantage and registered for the month they are to be entered in. ***


The first step that must be taken is deciding on what Army you wish to expand upon or start. You must then create a Warlord for your force. They may not be a unique/dramatis personae that already exists in rules. This Warlord must be a Character and be given a name to which accolades my be laid. This will be your avatar on the field. 

In the first month all 40k Players will have access to the Patrol Detachment (1 HQ and 1 Troop Mandatory) and have 50 Power Rating to make their army with. Each Month a Commander may select either an additional 25 Power Rating to add to their force or select an alternate Detachment from the Rule Book to use in conjuncture with their Patrol Detachment. 

The monthly campaign will be a Ladder Campaign as found in the Chapter Approved book (pages 114-115)


For Age of Sigmar  the Path to Glory system in the General's Handbook 2 covers nearly all the ground from upgrades to how you get additional units. We are adding in these adjustments. 

1. The unit you select from the monthly allotment will remain with your Warlord throughout their 12 month Path to Glory Campaign. (Meaning that by December you should have your warlord and 11 additional units that are the base line force for your Path to Glory)

The Commander who is victorious at the end of each month may upgrade their Warlord with an additional Command Trait. 

The Commander that wins each month may upgrade their Warlord randomly with the following options:


1. Inspiring Command: As long as the Warlord is on the field all units within 12" may increase their LD by 1 to a max of 10

2. Aura of Fear: Enemy Units within 6" of the warlord have a negative 1 to their LD

3. Relic of Latac: This relic will be of random type with 2 random benefits. 

4. Master of Stratagems: This Warlord gives +1 Command Point

5. Veteran of Konor: This warlord generates d3 Stratagems from the Konor Campaign (Available at Tactical Advantage)

6. Unyielding Will: When the Warlord takes any damage on a roll of 5+ per damage dealt a wound is not lost. 

A Warlord my only have 1 of any of these upgrades. If a duplicate is rolled the Commander may either re-roll or take the following Stratagem that lasts the duration of the next campaign month.

*Veteran of a Victory: 0 Command Points/Once per Battle- A unit may re-roll Advance/Charge distances or a unit may re rolls all missed hits OR wounds during a single phase. 


A Troop/Battle-line unit may always be selected in place of any other Monthly Choices and in ADDITION to HQ/Leader Units.

HQ/Leader (This will be your Commander/Mandatory)


Fast Attack/Behemoth

Heavy Support/Artillery


Elite or Flyer/Behemoth

Fast Attack/Artillery

Heavy Support or Fortification/Behemoth

HQ or Lord of War/Leader

Heavy Support/Artillery

Lord of War or Elite /Behemoth

Any Selection